Frequently Asked Questions - Suppliers


Q.What is the all about?

The offers suppliers multiple benefits, including:

  • > The ability to create their own online store, and sell products, services and offer timed sales (which are also advertised via social media and email campaigns), akin to Groupon and Amazon
  • > Genuine quote requests for any type of function across the country and in over 60 categories which you can respond to
  • > A stylish gallery
  • > A directory listing, with a backlink to your website to help with SEO and traffic. You can add unlimited content
  • > Discounted web hosting! Move your website to us and stop paying excessive web hosting fees. Just £34.50 for our subscribers!
  • Q.When did you start?

    We started in October 2013 and have had a great response from both suppliers and brides, grooms and event planners, with over £7m worth of quotes requests and over £2m worth of quotes submitted by suppliers.

    Q.How do you market yourselves?

    Our innovative marketing takes a variety of forms, including social media and blogs. We are also running competitions to maintain momentum including our regular wedding prize draws worth thousands!

    Q.How about the people running the

    The promoters have over 60 years of combined experience in the events and hospitality industry and also have a great deal of experience in internet businesses, which ensures that the website actually works for you and the user experience is smooth.

    Q.What is the difference between you and traditional wedding directories?

    With your subscription, you will receive a directory listing, a gallery with up to 200 images and brochures, you can place quotes on jobs on the website, you'll be able to create your own dedicated online store and you also get discounted web hosting. The portal offers a low cost, efficient way of connecting with thousands of brides and event planners quickly and easily. Our platform will allow you to see real, verifiable benefits.

    Q.Do you charge any commissions?

    No, there are absolutely no commission charges.

    Q.Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes! You are free to cancel at any time, there is no notice period.

    Q.How does your charging structure work?

    Please click here for details of our plans. The number of suppliers in each location (region) in each category will be limited.

    Q. I've noticed your Pagerank is low, so how can you make such bold claims about your website?

    Pagerank is not an indicator of traffic, our traffic is highly targeted and comes through social media and paid advertising and thus Pagerank is largely irrelevant. Alexa rank is an indicator of traffic and we are already ranked amongst the top websites in the UK.

    Stores and marketplace

    Q.What do you mean by your own store?

    You can essentially create your own, self contained e-commerce store without any programming knowledge. With your subscription, you can setup a store in less than a minute (just like this!), you just need to add a product, which can be anything, from stationery, to a full blown wedding reception package with catering and venue included.

    Q.OK, but how do I get paid?

    You'll be paid directly, and instantly to your PayPal account. Again, you don't need to mess around with complicated APIs or code, you just enter your PayPal email and sit back.

    Q.And can I upload images for my products?

    Of course! You can upload six images for each item, which will have a great sliding gallery with the option to enlarge images.

    Q.Great, so how can I start adding products?

    Just click here!

    Q.And what's a timed sale?

    Well, like Groupon, but without the commissions, you can offer a discount for a limited time. For example, you can offer a 50% discount on a wedding package for 100 people for 3 days. After this point, it automatically expires.

    Q.So how do people find my store?

    Your store is linked to your profile, so potential clients can find it through our directory or by going to your listing directly. They can also find you on search engines and you can also send customers to our store directly from your website or through an email campaign. Your products are also listed on the marketplace.

    Q.What's the "marketplace"?

    All your products are also listed in our marketplace, which collates all items from suppliers across the country and allows brides, grooms and event planners to search all products quickly and easily.

    Q.Can I collect deposits?

    Sure! Just create a separate item for deposits and potential customers can opt to buy this. We'll be adding custom deposit, product option and date blocking functionality very soon.


    Q.Are you a lead generation website?

    Not exactly, unlike a lead generation website, we do not sell our leads (lead generation websites also sell leads through multiple channels), we only allow our subscribed suppliers to quote on our requests and we limit the number in each area and category.

    Q.Can I place quotes on however many quote requests I'd like to?

    Yes, you can quote for unlimited requests.

    Q.How do I view the quotes I've submitted?

    You can view, manage and retract quotes from your quotes dashboard.

    Q.How do I know when new quote requests are posted?

    You can elect to receive a daily digest newsletter or you can search for quote requests on the website.

    Q. How can I view jobs in my region?

    Please click here

    Q.How can I receive jobs targeted more closely to my location in my daily quote request emails?

    Please contact us with the regions for which you wish to receive quote request emails and we'll enable this for you.

    Q. Why do the quote requests expire up to 8 months in the future?

    This is the maximum time that the brides and grooms can keep their jobs open for. Considering many brides plan their events a one to three years ahead, this allows time for all relevant quotes to come in and for communication to take place between the supplier and customer. The bride or groom is free to select a supplier prior to the quote request expiring, and can also select a supplier after the request expires. Our experience on the site shows that many brides and grooms select suppliers prior to the quote request expiring.

    Q. How do I post blind quotes?

    Each quote is automatically blind and only visible to yourself and the bride/groom.

    Q. What's quick quote?

    This great new feature allows you to submit quotes quickly and easily, just go to the wedding jobs page to try it out!

    Q. Can I send brochures with my quote?

    You can indeed, you can send brochures and images with your quote to allow you to market yourself more effectively.

    Q. Can I send private messages with my quote?

    Yes, you can have a private conversation with the client with our great message system.

    Q. I'm getting an access denied error when I go to quote

    Please ensure you have selected the correct category in your selling profile.

    Q.Can I create a gallery of any work I've done in the past?

    Yes, using our unique portfolio system, you can add brochures and pictures in a range of formats to create a comprehensive portfolio of your past work. You are able to upload up to 200 items to your portfolio! The items can be browsed using your very own modern and stylish gallery. They'll also be added to our gallery which collates all supplier images so clients can search through them easily.

    Q. How can I upload my images?

    Just click here and then click the upload media tab.

    Directory listings

    Q. What do I get with my directory listing?

    You get a backlink to your own website, plus the ability to add unlimited content! It is also integrated with your store and gallery so clients can find you easily.

    Q. How can I update my selling profile/directory listing?

    Just click here.

    Web hosting

    Q. What's web hosting?

    Web hosting is the online storage for your website. Your web pages, images, databases etc. are all hosted on a server connected to the internet.

    Q. And what are you offering?

    With a Plus or Mega plan subscription, web hosting is just £34.50 extra! You can also purchase web hosting on its own for £69/year.

    Q. So what do I have to do?

    Just move your website to us, which shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes (and in a lot of cases even less time) and stop paying your current web host. Many people are paying from £50 to £250, and given our yearly subscription is just £192, in some cases the savings from web hosting cover the cost of the plan.

    Q. But I'm using WordPress/Magento or another database driven application, surely, a discounted web hosting package won't support such software?

    That's not the case, our web hosting package supports most popular pieces of website software, including WordPress and Magento; we have a great website builder where you can create 300 different types of website at the touch of a button. In addition to this you can create unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases.