The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Cakes

When to think about cakes:

You should start as soon as you begin to plan your wedding. Start looking for a cake maker 7 to 8 months before the big day. This will allow you to choose your option in advance, especially if you have more than one option. The cake maker will get booked very quickly during the wedding season between April and September. Even if your wedding is not during season, aim to get into the cake maker's diary 5 months in advance.

What can you expect during consultation

Cake designers will offer free consultation. You may be able to sample a selection of the cake flavours or see their work in a portfolio or in person, if they have it on display. It is recommended that you bring along something that will inspire the cake, like pictures of dresses, flowers or ribbon swatches.

Choosing between bespoke & off the rack

Bespoke doesn't have to mean expensive because it will not cost the cake maker more to customize the cake for each client. It gives you a broad choice and a feeling that what you have chosen is unique to you. The cake will reflect your personality & style. If you are worried about the cost, let the cake maker know your budget. Get them to realistically explain to you what you will get for your budget. It will usually save you from wasting time with someone who is too expensive. Make sure you check hidden costs such as delivery charges and cake stand hire. Remember to ask if VAT is included in the quote.