The Best Man’s Guide to Toasting

If you are not particularly strong when it comes to making speeches and if you are nervous about the toast that you should make for the wedding, then the tips shared here will help you.

Begin by brainstorming your thoughts and making notes about your fond memories of the groom and the bride. Note down what you most love about them. If there are any memorable stories everyone will enjoy hearing, make a note of them.

Next, organise your speech in the following way:

First thank whoever paid for the wedding. Then express your gratitude for being able to play such an important part on their big day. Here would be a good place to bring in a quote.

Start with how you met the groom and the bride and how your relationship with each of them grew. You need not be too personal here. Talk about a favourite memory. A funny story will please the crowd.

You can talk about the crazy times and memories with the groom, but do not embarrass anybody, especially the groom! Do not mention things like drunken stories, exes & one night stands. There should be something everyone should enjoy and not just a select section of the audience.

You can end the toast with a quote if you did not do so in the beginning. Then congratulate the bride and groom.

Happy Toasting