How to Preserve a Bridal Bouquet

Once you get your bouquet for your perfect wedding, you will have to decide how best to preserve it. It will obviously not remain permanently fresh and you will see the flowers slowly wither and lose their fragrance. If, however you want to retain the freshness and preserve the bouquet, you should ask your florist how to preserve and dry the flowers.

Once you know what to do, you can choose between doing it yourself or hiring a professional to take care of it for you. It will need to be treated 3-4 hours before the wedding. You might not have not have the time to do this yourself, but if you do, here are some techniques:

Hang the bouquet upside down in a dark place which is dry but not is ventilated to an extend. Then apply lacquer or varnish later. This will help keep the bouquet whole.

Silicone gel can be used to absorb all the water because of its high porosity. Use a vase to hold the bouquet and take the silicone gel and pour into base, around 8cm high. Then add the bouquet. After a couple of days, check if it is dry and remove the residue.