Wedding venues LONDON

London is always considered an option for destination weddings for the rich and affluent. There are various wedding venues in London that catch people’s fancy for their wedding days.

For all the sports enthusiasts’ couples, Wembley Stadium is a perfect venue as it has been witness to quite a few historic events. It’s bound to make the wedding couple’s experience worth it.

HMS Belfast is the 3rd largest wedding venues of London and was built as the great fleet of warships for Britain’s Royal Navy. The bride and the groom become man and wife and can party their way on the quarterdeck of the warship.

Kensington Roof Gardens, allows the couple to enjoy breathtakingly spectacular views of the city’s skylines as they take their wedding vows from the set that is 100 feet above the street level.

Royal Botanical Gardens has several wedding venues like Temperate House, Victorian Glasshouse or the Palace Pavilion Marquee. Along with the couple and their guests, the wedding is graced by numerous varieties of flora and fauna of the garden.

ZSL London Zoo is the perfect wedding venue in London for the animal lovers. The Mappin Pavilion are of the zoo is perfect for the exchange of the wedding vows with Bear Mountain as the amazing background for the wedding.

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