Make your wedding GREEN!


With continued modernisation and development, we keep on harming the environment even while organizing our wedding parties and receptions. So, why not think about our planet and show some consideration towards it as well on our wedding day.

So, here are some tips for making your wedding day special for you as well as for our planet:

  • Opt for recycled gold and platinum or fairly traded silver and conflict-free diamonds for your wedding rings. One can always find suppliers who sell recycled metals online without much effort.

  • Thinking of eco-friendly wedding gifts for the guests? How about handing them seed packets with handwritten notes on how to grow the particular plant? Or maybe you could give them a tiny bud in a themed flower pot.

  • Going for organic wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks or whatever floats your boat in no way lessens the enjoyment of the wedding celebration and you can have fun with minimal environmental impact

  • One can always opt for organic products for the wedding cake. Or to give it a twist, how about organic cheese cake with seasonal fruits?

  • Think about local, seasonal and organic foods when deciding on your wedding menu. And also use recyclable items for serving food instead of disposable for crockery.

  • Selecting a venue close to home not only keeps the costs down but also saves you a lot of transport costs. You have the option of walking to your wedding venue or arriving in a fancy horse carriage to give out the princess vibes. For going the unconventional way, one can even turn up in an electric car or cycles.

  • One can opt for easily available biodegradable confetti or simply replace them with birdseed if you're adventurous

  • Owning to the popularity of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, people are using their wedding to promote some kind of social causes as well in the wake to protect the environment.

Opt for a green wedding and do your bit and help the planet!