A quick guide to planning!

Gone are the days when weddings were only about exchanging vows and rings with promises of being together forever. Couples, especially in the UK, these days have to worry about tons of other stuffs that are to be taken care of. Right from the decoration to the finalizing of the venues, from the food stalls to the wine brands, from the bridesmaid gang to the hassles of landing that dream wedding look. As they say, a wedding dress is the most important dress that a woman will ever wear. Follow these tips to search for that perfect gown which is classy, trendy and gorgeous and reflects your personal style as well.


Research: The key is to ace your research. Browse all the bridal websites and magazines that you can to know about latest trends before going to the bridal boutique for your dress. Remember to use our request a quote feature to make your planning a lot easier.

Venue: The wedding dress should be in sync with the wedding venue. If you have a traditional wedding in a church, opt for a dreamy, timeless and classical gown like a squared neckline ball gown or an A-line gown. If you will walk down a grassy aisle in the outdoors, opt for something light and comfortable yet stylish which helps in easy mobility and breathing. If you’re saying ‘I Do’ on some exotic beach then go for non-traditional attire like a tea-length gown and barefoot. Check out our portfolio section for some ideas!

Vocalize: It’s important to be vocal about the things you like and dislike about each and every wedding gown that you try or see so you can get exactly what you're after!

Trust the Consultant: If you use one, trust them! They are the experts in helping the brides nail their wedding looks. Trust them to translate your dream look into reality and that’s why it’s important to be vocal about your choices.

Accessorize: Accessories add on to the beauty and charm of the dress you are wearing. Yes, even your wedding gown. Thy reflect personality and give a flirty twist to traditional gowns or a classy touch to the nontraditional attire that you’re sporting. Also, don’t go overboard with the accessories that diminish the beauty of the gown.

At the end, dance and spin and feel like Cinderella in your wedding gown and know that your wedding and style will be remembered forever.