2014 Wedding Trends – Symbolism


Add a symbolic twist to your wedding as you invite all guests to light candles or the pouring of sand (the bride and groom will take it in turns to pour brightly coloured sand into a precious keepsake vase witnessed by their close friends and family).  Both of these visually interesting rituals symbolise the joining of two people in love and two families uniting.

Like this new and upcoming trend that is favoured by lots of wedding couples?  It can be performed almost everywhere but permission is often required so always check.

With the beautiful beaches we have in the UK, perform your sand ceremony with a seaside wedding or for the full effect perform it on the cliff top using the sand from the beach below.  As sand can be any colour under the rainbow you will be guaranteed to find shades that compliment your wedding colour scheme.

Another symbolic finale that is proving popular with wedding couples is releasing Chinese lanterns into the sky, another beautiful display especially when each guest is asked to write their own wish before sending them high up into the sky.  This breath-taking display is unfortunately not allowed by some venues, so again check with the venue beforehand.